Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Who are you? What is your event like?
A: We are a fusion of a Concert/Music Festival/Comic book convention. There will be live music throughout the day, Gaming, and Vendors, as well as live artists and our featured Install artist Julius DC Bautista

Q: Is this a kid friendly environment?

A: Yes! All ages are welcome.

Q: Do you offer refunds

A: No, we do not. 

Q: Can I buy at the door?

A: Yes! Only while we have tickets left, and there will be an additional charge. IT'S ALWAYS BETTER TO BUY EARLY!

Q: Can I vend with you?
A: YES! Let us know what you want to do at our Contact Us page

Q: Can I give my Badge/Wristbands to someone else?
A: No, they are non-transferable. 

Q: Where can I park? 

A: You can buy parking at the Weiss hospital parking garage down the street from the venue at an additional cost.

Q: Closest Train?

A: The Wilson red line is just about 3 short blocks from the venue.